Macq Mobility


Macq Mobility

Macq and D2 Transport Technologies offer Intelligent Cameras that are designed to directly streamline traffic flow by detecting vehicle speed and analyzing a host of other variables connected to safety and efficiency. Macq Intelligent Cameras are offered in a range of options and are homologated if necessary. They are: 


  • High Performance: They cover up to 4 lanes at once, measure speeds up to 300km/hr, and detect moving elements like drivers, pedestrians, and even cyclists. 
  • High Quality: Designed and manufactured in-house by Macq, these offerings are made of only the highest-quality parts. They boast 24/7 functionality and all-weather durability. 
  • User-Friendly: Easy to install on any location, including bridges, gantries, tunnels, or poles, Macq’s Intelligent Cameras are adaptable to most situations. They also boast an intuitive user interface and can be securely accessed from any terminal. 
  • Multi-Functional: Intelligent Cameras provide all the solutions necessary for vehicle and traffic control. Once installed, they can be maintained or upgraded remotely. In this way, they remain at the forefront of traffic tech. 


The QCAM5 ANPR camera features a perfect mesh of the latest advanced technologies and deep learning based algorithms. The technology offers our clients an unprecedented level of license plate recognition and analysis.

It features high, clear image resolution and a never-before-seen bundle of functions that allow for comprehensive vehicle identification parameters like make, model, and vehicle color.

45 degree angle qcam5

It can even accurately track speed, and operates on as many as 4 lanes, accurately recognizing all vehicles, objects, and pedestrians. The key is the integration of all these features into a small, but effective housing unit that blends discreetly into an urban environment.

A miniaturized motor installed in the support arm allows users to remotely align the equipment, eschewing the need for a MEWP for final mechanical installation.


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High Resolution

High Resolution Up to 12 MP, 35.7 FPS Capability of monitoring up to 4 lanes.

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High Quality & Flexibility

Customization realizable, as 100% in-house product development.

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Powerful Hardware

Equipped with a motorized arm, Wi-Fi module & 4G module.

Embedded AI

Embedded AI

Detection of all parameters of vehicles, persons & objects.


The CAM G3 features two-lane, automatic license plate recognition, high quality, color imaging, all-weather durability, and a high resolution ANPR sensor that relies on “Hyper Light Dynamic CMOS” technology to read numbers and letters accurately on reflective and over-exposed surfaces.

These units are limited and dispensed depending on the need of our customers.