MeltSmart™ LED Traffic Signals are fully automated and developed with adverse weather in mind. Using sensors, our signals can detect snow and ice on the surface of the lens and melt it away with an internal, safe, comprehensive heating element. This provides drivers and pedestrians with clear visibility and information, even in the worst of conditions.

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12” in diameter.

Up to 120V in voltage.

Energy saving.

All weather performance.

Smart sensors.

Patented heating element.
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The MeltSmart™ module is equipped with a host of photoelectric and thermal sensors that are embedded in the equipment. With the use of a paltry 0.1W of electricity, the sensors can detect snow and ice attached to the surface of the traffic light lens. This automatically triggers the heating element, setting in motion a constant melting pattern that will continue to keep the traffic light clear throughout the hazardous weather.

Through constant analysis of the conditions, the sensors regulate the power of the heating element between 20W and 60W, ensuring high energy efficiency by using only the required heat. To avoid false results, a Cadmium Sulfide sensor is included in the fixture so the sensitivity can be easily adjusted at any point.

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The most crucial part of MeltSmart™ LED Traffic Signals is the internal heating element. To ensure effectiveness, the polycarbonate lenses of the lamps contain embedded nichrome heating wire. Once the smart sensors send a signal, the heating element boosts and adjusts the surface temperature of the lenses until the snow completely melts.

Our patented technology ensures that the heating element does not damage, deform, or discolor the lens or surrounding infrastructure and guarantees a consistent level of brightness throughout the product's lifespan.

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Proven Technology that is ready for application.

MeltSmart™ LED Traffic Signals come in a wide range, including options approved by ITE, CSA, and UL. This technology is completely compatible with existing signals, controllers, and infrastructure, and retrofits are possible, should the pre-existing requirements fall outside standard parameters. These products have been tested extensively in the field and more than 2000 sets have been installed at live intersections already. Over the course of more than 7 years, no errors, issues, or malfunctions have been reported.

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The Safest, Most Effective Solution

MeltSmart™ LED Traffic Signals offer immediate, high-intensity melting power. Due to this, they are visible at all times, regardless of weather. Furthermore, through the use of our patented temperature control feature, we can avoid any deformation or discoloration of the lens. All these features contribute to traffic accident prevention and the protection of lives.

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