Roadway Monitoring


NavTech ClearWay

What is Roadway Monitoring?

Roadway monitoring is made easy by Navtech Clearway which is a 360-degree ultra-long-range radar designed to offer rich data collection and automatic incident detection on highways, bridges, and tunnels.  
Operating 24/7 in extreme environments with no maintenance needs for years, Navtech's Intelligent Transport System (ITS) quickly identifies stopped vehicles, aiding faster assistance to road users, especially in poor visibility conditions.  

Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System will find a stopped vehicle in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster

How it works

A single sensor can cover about 1/3 of a mile, minimizing installation and maintenance costs. It can also provide continuous mainline coverage for multiple incident detection (AID) and data gathering use-cases through sophisticated software analytics. 
It’s high-performance design and high resolution also mean exceptionally high detection accuracy with low false alarm rates. 

Key features

Wrong-way driver detection

Detects and tracks movement of drivers going against traffic. Watch Video

Emergency situational awareness

Provides a visual map for operators and emergency services, to respond to incidents with speed and precision.

Count and classify

Collects data on road occupancy, speed, size, and direction, used to improve traffic flow and road efficiency.

Stopped vehicle detection

Automatically detects stopped vehicles on highway or hard shoulder. 

Debris detection

Detects debris on the road.

Animal detection

Detects large animals up to 500m away, even in extreme conditions.

Queue length detection

Points the exact location of an incident within seconds of occurring. 

Pedestrian detection

Detects pedestrians in areas where pedestrian access is prohibited such as shoulders or vehicle R/W, even in different weather conditions.

Where is it used?



NavTech’s ITS technology is deployed on highways from Sweden to Australia, New Zealand and America. It is field-tested to be effective over large national roadways covering 200+ miles.




NavTech's largest single tunnel installation monitors nearly 18 miles of roadway. This technology automatically closes the tunnel when it detects a wrong-way driver. The same system also provides automatic incident detection, stopped vehicle detection, and pedestrian detection in the tunnel.