Snow Melting LEDs



What are Snow Melting LEDs?

MeltSmart™, Snow Melting LED Traffic Signals feature automated technology designed for adverse weather conditions. Equipped with sensors, these signals detect snow and ice on the lens surface, utilizing an internal heating element to melt it away safely. This ensures clear visibility and information for drivers and pedestrians, even in the most challenging weather conditions. 


How It Works

Proven technology ready to apply 

  • ITE, CSA and UL Approved 
  • Compatible with existing traffic signals and controllers → Retrofit possible. 
  • These products have been tested extensively in the field and more than 2000 sets have been installed at live intersections already. No deficiencies, errors or issues reported over 7+ years. 

Effective and safe solution 

  • Due to strong and immediate melting power, MeltSmartTM is clearly visible all the time.  
  • With patented temperature control feature, deformation or discoloration of lens is prevented. 
  • Contributes to avoid traffic accidents and possible loss of life. 

Efficient and cost saving 

  • The MeltSmartTM system is triggered only when it is needed and uses the power very efficiently. 
  • There is less need to send out crews for emergency snow removal which contributes to potential liability savings. 

Key Features

Smart sensors

  • Multiple photoelectric and thermal sensors embedded in the module.  
  • Minimal electricity (0.1W) activates sensors to detect snow on lens surfaces, triggering the heating element.  
  • Sensors analyze surroundings to control heating element power (20W ~ 60W) for optimal energy efficiency.  
  • CdS (Cadmium Sulfide) sensor prevents false operations by adjusting sensor sensitivity during day/night. 

Patented heating element

  • Nichrome heating wire securely embedded in polycarbonate lenses.  
  • Smart sensors signal the heating element to adjust lens surface temperature until snow melts.  
  • Patented technology ensures no lens deformation or discoloration, maintaining consistent brightness over time.