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D2 Traffic Technologies partners with the most innovative developers and brands to bring you cutting-edge products designed to improve safety standards and streamline traffic flow. Our range offers a comprehensive approach to road safety and includes offerings like IN.VISION AI software, Macq smart traffic cameras, Innovusion LiDAR systems, Omniflow emissions analysis technology, and Zitek self-warming LED traffic signals. You can find a summary of each of our partners below!



Air Quality Sensors

D2 Traffic Technologies recognizes the role the environment can play in traffic data, transport management, and infrastructure reliability. Macq QSense-Air sensors offer the community a cutting-edge option to study, mitigate, and prevent these effects.



Integrated, long-range, AI LiDAR sensor by Innovusion, offering a wide FOV, a high-performance GPU, deep learning, and data analysis.


Snow Melting LEDs

Fully automated traffic lights by ZITEK, which are designed to detect and melt snow on the surface of the lens.  


Smart Streetlights IoT

Carbon neutral sources of light by Omniflow with additional features like EV charging, cameras, air quality sensors, and a call button, all built into one subtle infrastructure unit.


Bluetooth Encrypted Locks

The BlueKey™ Encrypted Traffic Cabinet Lock is a seamless retrofit solution that enhances security, eliminates tampering, and secures valuable traffic cabinets without any modifications or wiring.  


In-Vehicle Occupancy Detection

The unit helps to monitor multiple lanes of traffic, communicate with databases and systems, including license plate recognition indexes to provide a thorough analysis of each vehicle it scans.


Smart Parking Solutions

Streetline leverages machine-learning technology to deliver real-time parking availability and parking demand data, accurately and reliably, on-and off-street. 


Power & Communications Management

ClearSite Communications' PPU (Perpetual Power Unit) industrial platform, a power and communications management system is the ideal all-in-one solution for outdoor deployments, offering power, communications, security, and application management for ITS sensors and equipment in any location with minimal infrastructure needs.


Wrong Way Driver Detection

NavTech's ClearWay radar, when deployed along roadways, swiftly identifies vehicles driving in wrong direction, notifying operators in under 10 seconds. 



Pedestrian Safety

Using combined solutions like Omniled, Omnibench, and the Smart Pole, Omniflow has developed a smart crosswalk system that keeps pedestrians safe in areas with high foot and vehicle traffic.


Roadway Monitoring

Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System finds stopped vehicles in low visibility areas so operators can dispatch assistance to road users. The Intelligent Transport System delivers additional capabilities to create safer roads including: vehicle count and classification, wrong-way driver detection and hard shoulder monitoring.