Bluetooth Encrypted Locks



What are Bluetooth Encrypted Locks?

The BlueWARRIOR BlueKey™ System is a comprehensive solution that includes durable locks, encrypted “intelligent” keys, and advanced web-based system software. This system effectively addresses key control challenges by maintaining a high level of security, even in the event of key loss. BlueKey™ offers access control capabilities in various applications, such as traffic cabinets, where the installation of wired or online systems is impractical and costly.


How it works

  • With BlueKey™, all access to the cabinet is controlled, scheduled, and tracked. Always know who has opened or attempted to pen which cabinets and when.  
  • The simple to read data dashboard of the intuitive web-based software shows access trends at a glance, alerting potential problems.  
  • The risk of lost keys is reduced, as they can be turned off as soon as the loss is reported.  
    Keys can be set to only work during certain hours, or to expire on a future date. 
  • It offers a seamless lock replacement solution. With its simple retrofit design, there is no need for any hardware changes, door modifications, or hard wiring.  

Lock Parts

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  • IV Secure Security Database & data organizer for BlueWarrior Encrypted Bluetooth Locks. 
  • Provides 24 hour – 365 days per year access for command and control of BlueWARRIOR Encrypted Bluetooth Locks.  
  • Records all transaction information – both authorized and unauthorized. Easy to use – secure login.  
  • Annual Subscription software. 
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  • FREE Android, Downloadable Mobile Phone Application – used for transferring information (transactions and authorizations) between a BlueWARRIOR Bluetooth Key and the BlueWARRIOR “Cyber-Blue” IV Secure database and management system. 
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BW-Bluetooth Key 

  • Encrypted Bluetooth Key – works with BlueWARRIOR Encrypted Bluetooth Locks.
  • 304 stainless steel tip, digital read-out, led status indicators and audio beeps.  
  • Re-chargeable lithium battery and USB C port.  
  • Certified for Indoor & Outdoor Use. 
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  • Fits most Traffic Cabinet and Traffic Enclosures.
  • Replaces standard #2 Key traffic & enclosure locks.
  • Easy Replacement.
  • No wires, No batteries and No maintenance, No drilling or modifications – exact replacement.
  • Used in Schools, Businesses, Storage, and Construction sites.
  • Also deployed by Federal, State, County and Municipal facilities requiring security. Certified for Indoor & Outdoor Use. 

Key features

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  • Eliminates lock picking 
  • Eliminates lost or duplicated keys 
  • Indoor & Outdoor use – stainless steel construction 
  • Full audit trail – Exact time and date stamp for every transaction 
  • Fully automated record keeping in the cloud
  • Long term records for forensic investigations
  • Records both authorized and unauthorized attempts
  • Protects high value public assets
  • NIST Security Compliant (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 
  • Part of the BlueKeyTM Intelligent