Smart Street Lighting with IoT Cloud-based Software



What is Omniflow?

With Omniflow Smart Lighting, a simple streetlight is transformed into a carbon-neutral source of light. The smart pole allows for multiple services to be housed in one integrated, unassuming, aesthetically pleasing infrastructure unit, that can be used for multiple IoT purposes including 4 high-end cameras, air quality sensors, an interactive display, a call button, and an EV charger. 

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How it works


  • Provides lighting, surveillance, and other functionality during grid outages through the integrated battery storage.  
  • Achieves a power reduction of more than 90% 
  • Can transform a simple old light into a smart pole by changing the head of the unit. Helps to avoid expensive and time-consuming civil works. 

Multi-application platform

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What is OmniConnect?

OmniConnect is a cloud-based software for internet-of-things (IoT) developed by Omniflow to visualize and control our systems and other devices. Data can be transformed into valuable information that can be used to make decisions or program alarms. 

omniConnect dashboard mockup on tablet webisie.

Key features

Track a device's energy

View your total energy savings 

Track and analyze CO2 levels

Manage multiple devices at once

Control systems to ensure efficiency, maintenance, and regulation

Program alarms

Transform data units into usable, decision-making information

Visualize systems on easy-to-use viewing windows