Meet the team


Dan Dietrich



Eric Gannaway

Director of Traffic


Matt Bretoi

Director of Sales and Business Development


Pete Marshall

Director of Project Management


Ahmad Jawad

Director of Mobility & Smart Technologies


Scott Carlson

Regional Sales Manager


Brent Hollady

Field Engineer


Mark Waddell

Sales Engineer

Our Partners

D2 Traffic Technologies partners with the most innovative developers and brands to bring you cutting-edge products designed to improve safety standards and streamline traffic flow. Our range offers a comprehensive approach to road safety and includes offerings such as IN.VISION AI software, Seyond LiDAR systems, Omniflow emissions analysis technology, and Zitek self-warming LED traffic signals. You can find a summary of each of our partners below!

inVision Logo

In.Vision enables devices to recognize objects, track movement, and identify anomalies. Advanced and adaptable, it boasts integration with mainstream processors and scalability to thousands of units. D2 is proud to partner with In.Vision for a seamless transportation experience.


Macq offerings represent the most advanced traffic cameras in the industry. They can operate on multiple lanes and differentiate between all types of vehicles, learning from real-time traffic situations. Macq supports D2 in creating a safer and healthier mobility environment.


Seyond designs, builds, and mass produces the world’s highest-performing LiDAR systems. This technology has become the standard in the automotive, smart transportation, rail transit, and industrial automation industries. Together with D2, Seyond makes roads safer for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

omniflow white logo

Omniflow partners with D2 to provide city solutions that avoid CO2 emissions. Their range includes a suite of services packaged in single city fixtures, providing efficient lighting, cameras, Wi-Fi/5G/LTE compatibility, air quality sensors, emergency call buttons, interactive displays, and even EV charging ports.

zitekLogo green and white

ZITEK Corporation MeltSmart LED Traffic Signals are fully automated. They detect snow on the surface of the lens and melt it away using an advanced heating element. D2 reaffirms its commitment to safe traffic environments by helping ZITEK provide drivers and pedestrians with clear visibility, regardless of the weather or conditions.


NavTech is a world-leading innovator in Security Surveillance, Industrial Automation and Traffic Safety. In partnership with D2 Traffic Technologies, NavTech brings ClearWay, an intelligent transport system that detects road incidents and supporting responding emergency services, keeping roads and pedestrians safe.

Mask group

Streetline’s Smart Parking Solutions use advanced technology to help drivers find available parking spaces in real-time, reducing congestion and improving efficiency. With sensors, data analytics, and mobile apps, cities and businesses can optimize parking operations and create a more sustainable urban environment.

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BlueWARRIOR BlueKey™ System consists of robust locks, encrypted “intelligent” keys, and cutting-edge web-based software to help solve key control challenges. With added access control for applications like traffic cabinets, they ensure uncompromising security. Their attack-resistant encryption and tamper-proof design guarantees absolute protection against intruders.