Power and Communications Management


Clearsite Communications

What is it?

ClearSite Communications’ industrial platform, PPU (Perpetual Power Unit) is the optimal solution for outdoor deployments. It provides power, communications, security, and application management for the outdoor deployment of ITS sensors and other equipment to any location with minimal infrastructure requirements. 

Whether the available power at the site is constant AC, timed AC, or solar only, the PPU can seamlessly store the power input and provide a reliable and consistent DC power stream allowing the attached devices to run constantly and smoothly. The PPU allows consistent operation across inconsistent environments.


How it works

ClearSite brings much-needed quality control and reliability to the field. Constantly monitoring all of the edge devices such as cameras and radar, it provides health check monitoring and ensures that power is clean and constant, improving the life span of devices. ClearSite’s solutions also monitor activity on the network and communications, making sure that equipment is secure and communicating as needed. 

Key features

Quickly bring outdoor sites online

Cameras, sensors, embedded servers, secure communications...

Reliable power stream

Whether the available power at the site is constant AC, timed AC, or solar. 

Consistent operation across inconsistent environments

Field-proven technology to quickly bring outdoor sites online.

Where is it used?

Sites requiring equipment such as cameras, sensors, embedded servers, secure communications and more are a perfect fit for the reliable power stream and other supporting functions provided by the PPU. 

Federal, State, & Local Government

  • Critical Asset Protection
  • License Plate Recognition
  • City Wide Surveillance


  • Campus WiFi
  • Campus Security Cameras
  • Emergency Call Boxes
  • Parking Lot Surveillance
  • License Plate Recognition 



  • License Plate Recognition
  • IOT Traffic Sensors


General Remote Sites

  • Any set of remote locations that require monitoring/alerting