Smart Parking Solutions



What is it?

Streetline leverages machine-learning technology to deliver real-time parking availability and parking demand data, accurately and reliably, on- and off-street.


Key Features

Open Interface Platform

Built on 12 years of experience and a database of 720 million parking events, leverages machine learning to offer the most precise real-time parking data, even in areas with limited to no sensing infrastructure. 

Infrastructure-less Sensing

Streetline's Parking Software Development Kit (Parking SDK) is a groundbreaking mobility solution, allowing precise real-time parking availability and demand calculations while minimizing the need for physical infrastructure. This results in significantly lower costs and reduced infrastructure impact, all without sacrificing calculation accuracy. 

IoT Portfolio

Streetline offers customizable sensing solutions assuring an accuracy more than 95 percent, even in the presence of environmental changes, including weather or nearby construction. These sensors, available in embedded and surface-mount options, use machine learning to continually adapt to their surroundings throughout their deployment. 

Management Tools

Streetline's technology suite comprises various tools to meet diverse customer requirements. These include ParkSight, a reliable parking demand source; the FAST mobile app; Guided Enforcement, a patented enforcement tool; and ParkEdge, a web portal.

Where is it used?

Real-time parking availability

Streetline tackles the challenge of motorists finding parking by providing real-time data on availability and regulations. Integrated into mobility apps, this information supports parking managers, operators, merchants, and OEMs.

Utilize Demand Data for Parking Optimization

Streetline provides essential parking demand data, allowing public officials to efficiently manage smart parking initiatives. This includes implementing demand-responsive pricing and assigning specialty spaces (general, electric vehicle, carpools) based on factors like time-of-day, special events, and holidays. 

Optimize public policies and use of parking infrastructure

Streetline's database, abundant in parking and curb policy details, assists public parking managers and private operators in optimizing parking infrastructure. Responding to shifting transportation trends and heightened demand for curb access, the data facilitates dynamic curb space allocation based on time-of-day and demand fluctuations.